Rocket Science Update

While the team is tirelessly working to bring you exciting new content and eliminate the rest of the remaining technical issues, here's an update to tide you over in the meantime.

Remember how Mr. Peterson was constructing something on the third map? We're pretty sure he's finished whatever he's been up to! If only there was a way for you to find out for sure...

We've also got something for those of you who are into customizing your characters - new skins are here!

We're still in the early stages of Level Editor development, and in this update we've added some new elements to it. Stay tuned for future LE updates, where we will eventually turn it into a juggernaut of player-generated content, capable even of creating brand-new game modes!

One of our goals is to allow as many of our players as possible to enjoy Secret Neighbor in their native language, which is why in this update we've added a couple more: Polish and Portuguese. Let us know in the comments which language you want to be added to the game!

And finally, this update contains a lot of under the hood changes involving optimization and solving technical issues. This is an ongoing process, and we will keep working on making the game more accessible and a smoother experience overall. We know that for some players there's a persisting issue with the loading screens, and we're working on fixing it ASAP!

Here are the full patch notes:

  • Changes to Map 3
  • Fixed controller support
  • New skins
  • Improved performance
  • Added new languages: Polish and Portuguese
  • Fixed map previews on low textures resolution
  • Level Editor improvements: added door_bricks and door_boards tiles, key cards with corresponding doors, monitors from the Neighbor's room; Roofs are now paintable
  • Minor polishing and bugfixes

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