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How about playing Hello Neighbor with your friends and taking on the role of the Neighbor himself? With the recently released Secret Neighbor game, these possibilities are up for grabs. It’s a multiplayer-friendly social horror video game filled with suspense, top-notch challenges, and lots of things to do. You play as one of a group of kids who are on a mission to get into the creepy Neighbor’s smell-of-a-crime basement and save their missing buddy. 

Although the Secret Neighbor release date arrived just a few months back, a lot of gaming fans are enjoying the game and leaving plenty of positive reviews. It’s evident that if you liked playing Hello Neighbor, then the Secret Neighbor gameplay is sure to excite you as well. If you like the way it all sounds, feel free to download Secret Neighbor to your Windows PC or Xbox One console. Give the game a shot and write your own Secret Neighbor review

Gameplay 5/5

The Secret Neighbor gameplay comes with two very important perks. First, you get to play with friends. Second, you get to play the Neighbor — something the Hello Neighbor fans have been asking for since the original game release. The Secret Neighbor storyline is easy to get to grips with. You and your pals play as the kids whose task is to get into the Neighbor’s basement and save their missing friend.

Based on the multiplayer mode functionality, up to six people can play the game simultaneously. While searching for the keys needed to sneak into the basement, you will come to realise that one of your buddies is the Neighbor in disguise. Imagine the jumpscare this revelation will give you. If these kinds of games tickle your fancy, the Secret Neighbor full game is just the ticket. You don’t even have to finish reading this review. Download and enjoy the game now.

Graphics and Audio Effects 5/5

The Secret Neighbor game boasts one-of-a-kind graphics. The environment is rather dark. However, you can see right away that the graphics are top-quality. Therefore, if you want to play Secret Neighbor to your utmost satisfaction, you’re going to need to equip your computer with a high-end graphics card prior to purchasing the game. Radeon R9 270 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 would be an excellent choice in this case. As for the Secret Neighbor audio effects, they’re fantastic. And they add tremendously to the game's suspense and immersion. 

Immersion 5/5

Secret Neighbor is very immersive. The dev team behind the project did a very good job of combining the key elements that are paramount for the game’s impressiveness and replayability, such as intriguing plot, second-to-none visuals, imagination-igniting sound effects, thought-stimulating challenges, and plenty of unexpected turns. Furthermore, the Secret Neighbor multiplayer mode always comes in handy whenever you start getting slightly bored with the game. Playing with friends is always more fun — even if you’ve already explored every nook and cranny of the environment.

Controls 5/5

If you’ve played Hello Neighbor before, you won’t have any difficulties with the Secret Neighbor controls — simply because the basic commands for both games are similar. Since Secret Neighbor was designed for two platforms, the game’s controls may slightly vary. If you feel like researching on the Secret Neighbor game tips and hacks prior to playing, you’re free to do that. There are tons of Secret Neighbor guides online, so you’re welcome to take action now — and then head straight to the Secret Neighbor pre-order page.

In-Game Purchases

If you’re looking for a safe Secret Neighbor free download option, you won’t find it. The game is not free-to-play. In addition to this, it contains in-game purchases. In Secret Neighbor, character customization is purchased with real-world money. The title does not feature any in-game currency. 

To Sum Up

Cutting to the chase, Secret Neighbor is the best title for you if you fancy such video game genres as horror, action, adventure, and indie. Secret Neighbor flaunts awesome graphics, great sound effects, solid gameplay, and the super fun multiplayer mode. You will love playing Secret Neighbor with a group of friends or members of the community. 


  • impressive graphics
  • excellent audio effects
  • great plot
  • immersive gameplay
  • stimulating challenges


  • occasional bugs
  • in-game purchases


With all the perks covered above, Secret Neighbor is the game that has the potential to grow into a part of a massive horror franchise. Despite some minor bugs and glitches, the game is sure to take your breath away. Download Secret Neighbor and give it a try today.